We are passionate photographers who love capturing raw emotion, the action, and those extra special personal moments.

With the latest camera and lighting equipment we will go the distance to get those great shots and memories captured, forever!

During our initial contact with you, we will ask questions in order to understand what you want to achieve from the photo shoot - this will give us a good understanding of the type of equipment we will need to make sure is available and use during the session.

We will discuss where you would like the photo shoot to take place and at what time of the day would be ideal (if shooting outdoors, this will almost certainly be at sunset as this is when most photos will look their best), if we cannot move the time of day we'll simply ensure that we have the correct equipment with us to take the best possible photos in high or low-light situations.

If you are planning on a certain type of photo shoot we will make recommendations ahead of time as to what to bring with you, such things may include certain types of cloths and accessories

As lovers of technology we love using the latest and greatest hardware, from cameras to lighting setups.

We personally love and use SONY Alpha series of camera, but we have a few Canon camera's hanging around the place if you have any specific requirements!

Using industry standard software tools we work to fine tune and perfect images to your desired look prior to delivery, unless of course you have a reason why you want them in the natural, "straight out of camera" look!

Once everything is ready we'll package up your photos - normally this is in digital form, but we can of course arrange for these to be professional transposed onto hard copy photo-paper too if you'd wish!

In addition to the above, our clients also have exclusive secure access to re-download their photos in digital-form from our client portal too for up to 12 months (we can of course come to some arrangement if you would like this period increased).

Like what you see?

If you're new to this, don't worry, we'll walk you through every step of the way - it'll be fun...

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