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We provide a wide range of web and application hosting services that range from "Shared hosting" (providing our customers with "do-it-yourself" access to a control panel and the secure access to manage web hosting, DNS, mailboxes and even databases (for more advanced users) to a more modern, DevOps style "push-to-deploy" web application and API hosting service of which are fine-tuned for high-performance and load-balancing capability.

At WireBear, we run our own globally distributed hosting platform which is backed by industry standard cloud vendors to provide our customers with lightning-fast, secure and reliable web, email and file storage hosting solutions.

If you're doing business online, don't get caught behind paywalls and seriously consider if you are happy with being a "customer number".

We understand that hosting and streaming high-quality video to your website, applications and end-users can be a pain when you want to do this with privacy in mind and wish to steer clear of public platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Our team have meticulously developed and constructed our own video transcoding and globally-distributed content delivery network (CDN).

This service is "managed" and is generally reserved for software development client projects whereby the software or solution(s) that we have developed for our clients utilise this platform behind the scenes.

Email hosting today is mainly dominated by a few large corporations, whilst this will probably suite many large businesses, if you're a small business or just starting out, this isn't your only option - you don't need to get stuck in their ecosystem or paying lengthy term contracts.

WireBear provide a range of tailored email hosting solutions that we can discuss with you (based on our client's requirements).

All of our mail hosting solutions come with Anti-SPAM, Anti-virus and best-practice DNS-level security features such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

As a user of our email hosting service you are able to access to your mailboxes over secure IMAP, POP3 and dedicated web mail access.

Our web and email hosting service is backed by a real support team that you can not only speak to but can trust too!

At WireBear we offer secure cloud file synchronisation services built upon open-source technologies such as NextCloud. NextCloud is an open-source alternative to similar services such as OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox.

As with many of our other projects, many of our web applications and microservices rely upon fast object storage (also known as BLOB storage), such a storage service is generally interacted with programmatically through and API. Our object hosting service is fully S3-compatible and again, is built upon open-source technologies and implemented as a global content delivery network (CDN) of which powers many of the sites, services and applications that we build and maintain.

Our object hosting service also provides the backend storage solution for our Video and Media hosting offering.

Not all cloud services are created equally, whilst each cloud service provider may provide a similar set of features and services, choosing the right cloud provider can become a bit of a headache when trying to balance features with pricing structures.

In the past we've helped clients choose the right cloud hosting provider for them based upon their requirements and projected usage.

We can also recommend lesser-known but more cost-effective public cloud providers if we feel that these may be suitable for you.

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