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You bring the story and direction, we'll bring the equipment and the crew.

Our small film crew, armed with (Netflix-approved) SONY CineLine and Alpha series cameras, rigged out with SmallRig hardware are ready to capture stunning video footage at various technical specifications.

Our cameras, using the SmallRig modular system can be very quickly adapted on-set for fluid-head tripod mounted, shoulder, hand held, low angle and even gimbal shot scenes.

We also have a couple of BlackMagic Cinema cameras too, capable of shooting up to 6K RAW video footage (if you require a certain look that you'd rather not leave to the post-production process).

In addition to the camera gear our team can provide battery and/or mains powered continuous set lighting, reflectors and chromakey (green and blue screen) backdrops where required.

Armed with boom poles, shotgun microphones and the latest portable TASCAM sound recording devices, our small team of audio engineers love getting rich audio on-set.

Our audio capture equipment predominantly consists of both RODE and Deity microphones, our collection of both shotgun and wearable lavalier (wired and wireless) cater for the vast majority of use-cases, we can however source other audio capture devices should your production require it.

Our small collection of DJI drones, all capable of shooting 4K footage are on-hand for productions that require aerial or chase-cam style footage.

When it comes to shooting video during the day, having the correct neutral density filters (ND filters) can sometimes be an afterthought, we understand the importance of using such filters and have, at our disposal the full range of ND filters for our drones to ensure that footage shot is never under or over exposed.

When flying and shooting video with Drones, battery life can be an issue and if multiple takes are required, can start to reduce their ability to perform all day long, with this in mind we have invested heavily in ensuring that power and re-charge facilities on-set (even in "the middle of no where") is not an issue. We have mitigated against this by having ample amounts of batteries for fast change-out and a set of custom-built, weather-proofed battery and solar-powered portable charging stations.

Our drone pilots regularly train in various environmental conditions to hone their skills of flying these very nimble and majestic devices.

When it comes to the post-production process, our team use the BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve suite of products to offer video editing, visual effects, sound design and colour-grading services.

We have invested time, money and effort into building a centrally hosted "Studio Server" setup providing a central location for all video projects and assets, our setup includes the ability to restore in a disaster recovery situation with all video editing projects being backed up, centrally and to "the cloud" in near-realtime ensuring that any data loss during the post-production process is easily recoverable from and never affects the production timescales.

We work closely with clients to stitch together the video, audio and desired look of their video or film by regularly providing iterative renders that they can play back and review from our secure online client portal enabling them to provide instant feedback and request changes as they see fit.

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